75 Magnificent And Most Stupid Wedding Photobombs That Will Make Your Day


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16.) Excuse Me, Fish Coming Through


After finding the perfect spot, the couple is ready to take their wedding photo. All is wasted after a kid who went fishing pass through. Shame, the groom seems to be enjoying pretending to be happy.

17.) Fun Time At The Beach Wedding


The three guys behind the gorgeous ladies are probably some of the most creative photo bombers. They actually exerted effort on how they are going to ruin the girl’s picture.


18.) Please Don’t Eat That Cake


While the groom and wife are exchanging bites on the cake, the guy in the background wearing plaid shirt looks like he is about to say “Please don’t eat that cake” for some reason.

19.) Can’t Let Out A Yawn


Looking at the three women, you might think nothing is unusual. But the man standing behind them is trying his hard to stop his yawn and not ruin their photo.


20.) The Replica


If we didn’t know that the head on the background is from another woman, we’d think that is the head of the lady in front just cut and placed there.

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