75 Magnificent And Most Stupid Wedding Photobombs That Will Make Your Day


71.) Let’s Break It Down


When guests are having so much fun drinking and partying, they start to make outrageous dance moves. The innocent little girl appears so confused, though.

72.) I’ve Gone Fishing, Mom


Now we know that behind the great wedding portrait for this couple is a group of people on vacation. And there is a kid is standing on their side having the time of his life fishing.


73.) Yahoo!


This crowd was just ecstatic about the wedding; they couldn’t help but photobomb the first kiss of the couple. Well, some of them are genuinely happy, some just want to be in the picture.

74.) The Third-Wheel Guy Can’t Help Himself


Do not mind the guy behind the couple; he is the third-wheel man who can’t help himself photo bomb his favorite couple. Instead, look at the newly wed who looked gorgeous.


75.) I’ll Take The First Bite


It appears that this slot is determined to take a smack on the chest of the bride. The photographer was taking pictures of the group when suddenly the sloth appeared out of nowhere.

We welcome your comments so feel free to leave some below! If you have other wedding photobombs that are not on this list, don’t be shy and share them! Now that you’ve seen all these, you have to stick with us and see our featured posts!


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