75 Magnificent And Most Stupid Wedding Photobombs That Will Make Your Day


51.) Flying High


What a very unique way to congratulate and photo bomb a wedding photo-shoot at the same time! Sadly, he became more of the main attraction than the couples.

52.) The Crazy Ladies


The wedding party hasn’t even begun, but the two ladies on the back appear to be already drunk. The poor bride and bridesmaid don’t have any idea what is happening behind them.


53.) I Got The Eye Of The Tiger


First things first, what is the tiger doing there? And is the couple oblivious to that dangerous animal beside them? This is one scary wedding event!

54.) The Man In The Glass


There are times where girls just want to take selfies with girlfriends. This photo shows a group of ladies who have no clue one guy is ruining their pictures. Imagine their faces when they see their pictures!


55.) Yes! Congratulations!


Weddings are such lovely events that can make the guests and even strangers so excited. The vacationer on the background is so delighted he just has to make a happy jump!


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