100 Friendly Foods Considered As The Healthiest And Beneficial For Weight Loss

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Healthiest Food #41: Swiss Cheese

60Swiss cheese has 30% of protein equivalent to one slice of egg. And it is also rich in vitamin A and can lower cholesterol level. Plus, it tastes good with wine.

Healthiest Food #42: Black Beans

59These beans are usually found in Mexican burrito. Aside from the texture and taste, black beans also contain antioxidants and magnesium which support the muscles and nerves.

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Healthiest Food #43: Almonds

58A quarter cup of almonds serves as a fantastic snack. But, it is also loaded with an amino acid which helps burn carbs and fat and efficiently decrease weight.

Healthiest Food #44: Apples

This fruit is an excellent food to combat free radicals in the body. Apples can aid some diseases and help in aging. Research also found it fights bad cholesterol.

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Healthiest Food #45: Pacific Cod

56The research found that consuming this type of fish is beneficial to metabolism and to combat cardiovascular diseases. This fish is low in calorie and has slimming properties.

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