Alleviate Constipation Using This 19 Incredible Natural Home Remedies

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16. Squat Position

16A little awkward but squatting over the toilet is a natural position that our bodies know that “it’s time to go.” These helps prevent constipation and kick start your colon.

17. Drink More Water

17Dehydration makes you constipated, so drink enough water and stay hydrated. Sparkling water is more effective than tap water. Drinking more carbonated or sugary sodas it will worsen your constipation.

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18. Prebiotic Foods

18Prebiotic fibers can improve digestive system and regularize the bowel movements and makes the stool softer. Garlic, onions, and banana are foods that are high in prebiotic fiber.

19. Avoid Diary

19Dairy or Lactose intolerance can cause constipation. If this is the reason of your constipation, try removing this in your diet and replace it with other calcium-rich foods.

Which is more efficient among this home remedies? Please comment below and share your experience and ideas on how to prevent constipation.

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