Get Rid Of Sore Eyes With These 19 Best Effective And Easy Home Treatment


Perfect vision is what we all need to become more productive in doing our tasks. Having to deal with sore eyes is quite frustrating. In this article, you will learn 19 ways to cure that red, itchy eyeballs at home!

1.) Wash Your Eyes With Cold Water

19Cold water helps the eyes relieve soreness. Ice cubes wrapped in a towel will also help. Just gently rub on your eyelids. This process will contribute to getting rid of itch and pain.

2.) Use Cold Bread

18Cold bread as a remedy may be uncommon, but, good news is, it works! Believe it or not, frozen loaves of bread placed on your eyelids can help decrease the irritation of your eyes.


3.) Crying

17You see it right! Crying is one technique you can do to relieve yourself from the irritation and itchiness due to sore eyes. What it does is it lubricate the eyes and washes out impurities.

4.) Use Frozen Foods

16If you do not have ice cubes, frozen foods will work just fine. Wrap a frozen food on a clean cloth and put it over your eyes for about 10 minutes. This should have a soothing effect on your eyes.


5.) Mix Apple Cider Vinegar And Water

15A pure apple cider vinegar and water is a great combination that will help relieve sore eyes. It is a quick and easy home remedy which consists of maleic acid which fights bacteria causing the infection.


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