50 Final Memorable Photos Taken Right Before Death


No one knows how life for each individual will end. Some unfortunate deaths have some unusual causes, some were even captured moments before they took place, including these photos which were taken just hours prior to death.

1. The last flight.

1Mayor William Becker of St Louis seated on the back left together with other politicians pose for the camera before the disastrous test flight on a military glider in 1943 that killed all of the passengers.

2. The deadly virus attack.

2(1)Nurse Mayinga N’Seka with another nurse in 1976 epidemic in Zaïre where the first known outbreak of Ebola happened, strike a pose days before she died from the Ebola virus disease.


3. Takeoff mishap.

3Concorde flight 4590 caught fire during takeoff killing everyone on board and those on the ground.

4. The last race.

4This photo of actor Paul Walker was taken the day he got killed after this car he was driving crashed.


5. A tragic death.

5This scene was captured seconds before a traitor was killed by a firing squad behind German lines in 1944.


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