50 Celebrity Wives: Then and Now


41. Heather Locklear.
The Melrose Place star Heather Locklear married Tommy Lee in 1986. She has had other relationships and still looks gorgeous even at 55.

42. Helen Hunt.
Helen Hunt had been dating Hank Azaria for five years after they decided to get married in 1991. They broke up after a year. Zaria married his second wife, Katie Wright. Hunt has not remarried since but is in a long-term relationship with Matthew Carnahan.


43. Betsy Arakawa.
Betsy Arakawa was married to Oscar winner Gene Hackman in 1991. They remained happily married until this day and lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

44. Karen Velez.
The Playboy Bunny got married to The Six Million Dollar Man Lee Majors in1988. They got divorced in 1994 after having three children.


45. Alison Berns.
Alison Berns met Howard Sten, who will later become his better half for some time, while they were still studying at Boston University. They got married in 1978 and got three daughters. They got divorced in 2001.


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