50 Celebrity Wives: Then and Now


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36. Melanie Griffith.
Melanie met Antonio Banderas in 1995 and got married the next year. They remained in a stable relationship, until in 2015 when the world was surprised about their divorce. They only have one daughter, Stella Banderas.

37. Kim Basinger.
The Marrying Man star Kim Basinger married Alec Baldwin in 1990, three years after they co-starred in the movie. They separated in 2002. Kim plays Christian Grey’s former lover and business partner in the movie Fifty Shades of Grey.


38. Deborah Falconer.
American actress and musician Deborah Falconer got married to Iron Man actor Robert Downey Jr. in 1992, only 42 days after the actor proposed to her. Twelve years after they went their separate ways.

39. Brook Shields.
Brook Shields had a problematic marriage with professional tennis player Andre Agassi. They were married from 1997 until 1999.


40. Uma Thurman.
Actress Uma Thurman was married to actor Gary Oldman in October 1990.They got separated in 1992. The actor had three more marriages, while Uma married Ethan Hawke.

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