50 Car Cleaning Tricks Local Dealers Don’t Want You to Know

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36. Use Coffee-filters as dusters.


Coffee filters are made with lint-free materials that can be a useful yet gentle duster. You can use it to wipe off the dust throughout your car.

37. Upgrade your car’s shine with clay.


Whatever soap and water did not pick up after having your car washed, you can rely on clay to clean up other particles that may still be clinging to your car.

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38. Clean crevices with cotton buds.


You may have used up all other available cleaning tools you can use to make your ride Instagram worthy again, but you still see some tiny bits of dirt and crumbs on cup holders and other deep and difficult to clean parts of your car. Try some cotton buds to pick up the mess.

39. Use a screwdriver to clean crevices.


Here’s but another tool you can use to clean hard to reach parts of your car.

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40. Nail polish for cracks.


You can apply a good amount of nail polish on your car’s windows and body to temporarily fix hairline cracks on your car.

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