50 Car Cleaning Tricks Local Dealers Don’t Want You to Know

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31. Use soda water or seltzer.


Clean up stubborn stains on your car with soda water or seltzer. Then, wipe the mark off with a piece of towel, fiber cloth, or an old sock.

32. Prevent on the go spills with a cling wrap.


Keep it clean while on the road by using cling wrap to cover lids.

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33. Give your ride a new shine.


You can use conditioner with lanolin to finish off washing your car and give it an instant glow.

34. Clean vinyl and leather seats like a pro with a magic eraser.


You can use a wet magic eraser to remove spills and stains on your car seat. Then use equal parts of olive oil and vinegar to disinfect then leather seats before rubbing it off with a clean rag.

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35. Use newspapers to clean off your car windows.


Wipe off sprayed window cleaner with some paper that works excellent like any of the special cloth that you may use for your car.

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