50 Car Cleaning Tricks Local Dealers Don’t Want You to Know

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26. Scrub your rubber mats.


Thoroughly clean your car’s rubber mats by scrubbing off stubborn dirt and marks with a stiff bristled brush after soaking them in water and soap solution.

27. Use a squeegee to remove pet hair on your car seats.


Your pets can be a pleasant companion while on the road, but the mess they leave may at times be not so easy to remove. A squeegee and some water can help you get rid of these hairs on your car seats.

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28. Add a DIY travel tray for your kid or kids.


A long drive will drive your younger passengers crazy. You can keep them busy for some time with toys, movies, games, and so on. To ensure that you can also keep everything in place is placing a travel tray where you can put on these distractions.

29. Take it easy with a makeshift TV monitor.


You can turn your car’s sun visor to an instant TV monitor. Make sure you have your iPad or tablet securely hung so that it won’t move or fall while you’re driving.

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30. Use cornstarch to clean grease and stains.


Cornstarch is an alternative cleaning agent that will efficiently remove stubborn dirt on a leather or cloth.

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