50 Car Cleaning Tricks Local Dealers Don’t Want You to Know

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11. Good old baking soda freshens like no other.


No need for costly fresheners when you can just use baking soda to make your car smelling clean and fresh. Just sprinkle some of this super cleaner on your car overnight or for a whole day before vacuuming.

12. WD-40.


This is a fantastic car cleaning agent. You can soak stubborn decals or stickers before pulling them off from the bumper of your car. You can just take them off nice and easy with that. It works every time.

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13. Vaseline.


Not only can you use Vaseline on your skin and lashes, but they can also be used to give life back to your old dashboard. Just wipe some of this miracle cleaner, and you will see the shine in half the time.

14. Here’s a DIY car wash solution.


Mix an equal part of baking soda, liquid detergent, and water. Use this mixture to wash up your car, and you’ll never need to go to the car wash again.

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15. Use Linseed oil and vinegar mixture to clean car upholstery.


This is an excellent alternative to costly cleaning agents. An equal part of this mixture will not only make your upholstery looking great, but it will also prevent them from cracking.

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