50 Car Cleaning Tricks Local Dealers Don’t Want You to Know

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46. Use a baby diaper to clean up spills.


Before it gets too wet in your car because your child spills his or her drink on your car upholstery, you can use a diaper to keep the spill from spreading throughout the vehicle.

47. Use damp newspaper to peel off unwanted stickers.


Leave it over the label for about ten minutes before peeling off.

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48. Use paintbrush and vacuum to take off dirt.


You can also use a makeup brush if you don’t have a paintbrush to remove dust and particles that cling on your car upholstery and vents. Have a vacuum ready to make sure you won’t let the dust particles settling in other parts of your car.

49. Use wet dryer sheets to remove bugs on your car.


They can easily remove even dead bugs from your car easier than using soap and water.

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50. Keep spills and mess to a minimum.


It may difficult to avoid spillage and crumbs inside the car, but you can limit the mess. Use a DIY or alternative spill or crumb catcher.

Which of these cleaning tips have you tried yet? Have you found any of these methods to be effective? Perhaps you have other car cleaning tricks you may want to share with the readers. You may mention them in the comments’ section below. To keep updated, click Subscribe.

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