35 Top Worst Tourist Photos That Will Leave You Dropped Jaws


These photos are totally out of this world and are just too insane, they will leave you tongue-tied.

1. Selfie fanatic.


Someone’s having a great time –enjoying the sea, sky, and selfie snap. Smile!

2. This is an admittedly romantic pose.


Who cares if you need someone to keep you up on your horses just for that perfectly timed snap.


3. That’s what you call striking!


Hold it right a teenie, weenie, back to the left, then it would be perfect.

4. When the timing is perfect, the snap will be awesome.

4This one’s totally candid.


5. Are these guys waiting for something to happen?

26Not on my watch. They can stay there for hours and I’m sure nothing else will change when you are waiting to happen with these turtles.


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