30 Petroleum Jelly Life Hacks For Everyday Use


21. It helps you burn fat.

21Petroleum jelly can trap the heat and produce more sweat during a workout. This process helps you in burning more fat. Don’t believe me? Try to research about the boxers that use this trick to burn enormous fats to meet the standard weight before their fight. And oh, just apply a thin layer so that it won’t feel so sticky.

22. No more shampoo tears.

22Protect your baby’s eyes with a petroleum jelly. Rub the jelly to your baby’s eyebrows to prevent the shampoo from running down to his eyes.

23. Clear wax from candlesticks

23You want your candle holders to last longer because you used it on your wedding day and is very sentimental to you. I’ll teach you a trick. Apply petroleum jelly inside the candle holders before using it. You’ll see how easy it is to clean after doing this.

24. Stop battery terminal erosion

24Electrical batteries have lower resistance to cold temperatures causing it to die on cold winter day. Unfortunately, your battery might give up if corrosion will happen frequently. You can prevent all these by acting before winter comes. Clean the terminals with a brush and disconnect before rubbing petroleum jelly. Your battery will not have the aid during the winter season.

25. Bid goodbye to the wandering ants.

25We all know that ants are industrious and would love to collect food for the rainy season, but this idea makes your lovely pet angry. The solution is rubbing a petroleum jelly around the food bowl. Now, no more ants will wander around your pet’s food.

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