30 Petroleum Jelly Life Hacks For Everyday Use


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16. Pro tip in doing a manicure.
Do you get embarrassed for painting unnecessary skin while doing your manicure? Take this tip. Apply minimal petroleum jelly n your skin around your nails. It will help you do the job easier.

17. Stuck zipper.
If you got your zipper stuck in a public place but you have a petroleum jelly in your bag, then you are safe. You can lubricate the zipper easily and quickly with the magic trick of the petroleum jelly. It is as comfortable as apply then fix. Oh, I forgot to tell you that it will work on furniture, windows, and cabinets too!

18. Polish wooden surface.
The jelly works on wooden surfaces too. Get that shiny polished look thru the use of flannel cloth to wipe and clean wooden tables and chairs. The furniture will stay clean for a longer time because it has a dust repellant component.

19. Removing makeup stains.


The secret is not in the detergent; it’s in the petroleum jelly! All you need to do is apply a little amount of petroleum jelly in the stained area. Let it dry then wash it the usual way. It is as easy as it sounds!

20. Got no time to waste in opening a lid.


20Tired of having a hard time opening a bottle because the lid sticks like they are bound to be together, forever? Use petroleum jelly to lubricate the cap before closing it again. Next time you have to open it, it’ll be easier and won’t take too much effort.

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