30 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms


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26. Metastasis

26 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
This is the process where pancreatic tumours keep multiplying. This is often too fast and the symptoms can range from most common to the rarest. This, as a result, lets the pancreatic cancer, spreads really fast and it can affect the liver, lungs, and brain which can prove fatal.

27. Liver failure

27 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
The cancer in the pancreas spreads really fast to the liver and there is a good chance that these patients will have to go through a liver failure. The extent of the damage can be determined using the blood tests and remedial action can be taken to correct this.


28. Size and spread

28 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
The stages of the pancreatic cancer can be determined by the actual size, the distance between the tumour and the lymph node and the area that it has spread in. The doctors will look at all this before suggesting corrective action.

29. Association with the symptoms

29 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
The cancer can be present anywhere in the pancreas. The actual location of the cancer will indicate symptoms that will be present. The liver will be affected and jaundice will be triggered if the cancer is at the head, while severe abdominal pain indicates the cancer is present in the body.


30. Genetic combinations

30 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
Pancreatic cancer risk increases with genetic chromosome mutations that are present at birth. Added to this, factors like drinking, smoking, radiation exposure and obesity can increase the risk of pancreatic cancer.

Now that we know the reasons and symptoms of pancreatic cancer, it would be good to spread the message to our near and dear ones. This way, we can all stay safe than being sorry.


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