30 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms


21. Colour of stools

21 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
Since the bile secreted by the pancreas is also stored in the body and the disintegration of fatty foods is also not possible, the stools seem grey, light and soft as well as oily because of the unbroken fat.

22. Decrease in appetite

22 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
Symptoms of pancreatic cancer include a considerable loss in appetite. There are more reasons than one that we can attribute this to-like improper digestion, continued feeling of bloating as well as ulcers of the intestine. Severe diarrhoea and persistent feeling of vomiting also adds to the trouble.


23. Insulinomas

23 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
There is an increased production of insulin because of the tumour present and this leads to lowering of blood sugar levels. Now, if that happens, all symptoms of blood sugar will also be seen in the patients. These include tiredness, gloominess, loss of mental clarity, severe palpitations as well as increased production of sweat. The body really suffers a lot when there is increased production of Insulin.

24. Serotonin increase

24 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
Carcinogenic cells produce a chemical called Serotonin and this is a hormone which the liver takes extra effort to abolish from the system. Due to the natural cleaning process that the liver follows, it is difficult to track this till the time it has affected the pancreas and spreads further.


25. Neuro endocrine tumours

25 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
Of all the tumors that occur in the pancreas, these can be termed the not -dangerous as they actually have no impact. It does not even tamper with the hormonal system. However, this very same attribute makes it the toughest to identify and thereby the most dangerous.


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