30 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms


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16. Pancreatic polypeptide

16 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
The main function of this polypeptide is to oversee the activity of the pancreas, along with helping in the secretion of the digestive juices. In cases where the cancerous cells are present, these are over active and result in severe pain the lower abdomen and liver.

17. Increased levels of Somatostatinomas

17 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
This leads to increased states of diarrhoea and uncontrollable pain in the stomach. This can also be accompanied by stools that are abominably stinky.


18. Vasoactive Peptide

18 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
Increased levels of vasoactive peptides in the intestine could result in severe cramps in the stomach, heavy sweating, severe diarrhoea and tiredness. However, since this is a very common symptom and in case one has any of these for a prolonged time span it is important to check out the reason.

19. Dislike for things once loved

19 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
A certain considerable percentage of people who were suffering from pancreatic cancer started abhorring things that they once loved – like coffee lovers hating coffee, smokers not smoking anymore and wine drinkers giving up wine. These changes were noticed at least six months prior to when they realized they were positive for this type of cancer.


20. Bloated feeling

20 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
The digestive system is affected and there is the development of the ulcer as well. As a result, there is a good chance that one feels that the tummy is always full and heavy. That could leave us with a kind of bloated, uneasy feeling and there is little chance for this feeling to cease till the cancer is cured.

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