30 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms


11. Blood clotting in the legs

11 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
This is one of the dangerous symptoms of pancreatic cancer. The patients suffer from deep vein thrombosis, which, in simpler terms, is clotting of blood in the legs, accompanied by swelling and severe pain. In rare cases the blood clots can just disintegrate and reach the lungs, affecting the respiratory and pulmonary systems.

12. Fat deposits

12 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
The collection of bilirubin and the stocking up of the bile in the pancreas interfere with the ability to digest properly. Since that has become a challenge, fat is not digested or broken down and patients will see fat deposits of various sizes and shapes all over the body.


13. Higher sugar levels

13 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
The secretion of Insulin is hampered because of the irregular secretions of the Bile. The enlarged liver is more because of the cancer than actual diabetes that causes the disturbances in the sugar levels.

14. Stomach ulcers

14 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
Pancreatic cancer can cause increased secretion of acid in the stomach. This creates acidity problems to start with and then leads to ulcer and internal bleeding.


15. Increased glucagon secretion

15 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
For patients suffering from pancreatic cancer, there is an increased secretion of Glucagon. This leads to itchiness in the corner of the mouth as well as in the tongue. The corners of the mouth become red and blisters appear. However, this symptom is common for other forms of cancer as well.


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