30 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms


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6. Back pain

6 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
Again considered to be a common symptom even for tiredness, a combination of back pain with other symptoms must be looked out for. The cancerous cells start irritating the nearby nervous system. This pain spreads to the spinal cord and results in excruciatingly painful back aches that are very different from the normal pain that is a result of tiredness.

7. Bad weight loss

7 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
One can lose weight only with a combined effort of exercising and dieting. When neither is done, if weight loss is visible, then this is a major cause for concern. While other ailments like diabetes can also trigger weight loss, it is best to check the actual reason and rule out pancreatic cancer symptoms.


8. Throwing up immediately after food

8 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
As the bilirubin builds in the cells of the body, the body finds it difficult to execute its usual tasks, and as a result, the food takes longer to reach the stomach. Thereby, there is an increase in the sensation to vomit, more so after the intake of food.

9. Increase in the gall bladder size

9 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

When cancer spreads in the pancreas, the carcinogenic cells do not allow the usage of bile and therefore the bile that is secreted is stocked up in the gall bladder. Over a period of time, this solidifies and completely starts bulging. Most doctors will be able to detect this bulge even with a touch.


10. Liver enlargement

10 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
Quite different from the fatty liver, the accumulation of the bile can lead to an increase in the actual size of the liver itself. This is one of the easiest symptoms to detect as it can be seen in a simple scan report.

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