30 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

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Cancer is one the fastest spreading diseases in the world today. Mankind is trying to take control of this dreaded disease. Here is a list of pancreatic cancer symptoms that will create increased awareness and lead to cure of the same.

1. Yellow fever or Jaundice

1 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
The liver secretes a juice called Bile, but because of the spreading of pancreatic cancer, this gets blocked and slowly gets stored in the body, thereby resulting in yellowing of the eyes, nails, and skin. So, that is how the cancer starts spreading and finally affects the liver.

2. Brown urine

2 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
Urine is generally colourless in healthy people. However, when the urine changes color, then there is cause for concern. As the bilirubin starts getting accumulated in the body, it interferes with the colour of the urine and it eventually turns brown. Continued excretion of brown urine should never be ignored people should seek medical help right away.

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3. Oily Stools

3 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
Since the secretion of the pancreas, which is the bile, is impacted by the cancer in the pancreas, there is accumulation of toxic wastes in the body. The system finds it difficult to digest the fat and hence this results in oily stools.

4. Dry and itchy skin

4 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
Sudden spurts of rashes or itches on the skin could also be a result of the bilirubin accumulating in the body. So this is also a major indication of pancreatic cancer in the body.

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5. Constant belly pain

5 Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms
While a stomach ache is a very common symptom, constant pain is not. As the carcinogenic cells grow, they start putting pressure on the stomach and this result in a pain. So, if there is a constant pain in the stomach, then it is good to do a check.

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