30 Topmost Household Treatments For Whitening and Sparkling Teeth

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There is nothing more dazzling than flashing those million-dollar and killer smile of yours. And what is more impressive when you have got those snow-white teeth, right?


1It is readily available at home. Use the common salt for tooth powder by mixing it with charcoal or rub it on your teeth with baking soda.


2Best used for stained teeth. Make mouthwash out of it by mixing it with a cup of cold water. You can dilute it to use as toothpaste also.

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3Brushing and flossing are like complementary goods. Dentists strongly recommend to flossing the accumulated “matter” in between your teeth twice a day. Flossing also helps to maintain healthy gums.


4It does not only promote teeth whitening, but it contributes to fight off bacteria in your mouth as well. Alcohol-free can reduce the risk of oral cancer, too!

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5Same with water, activated charcoal can remove the impurities, which is the stain, in the teeth. Combine it with regular toothpaste and use it for brushing two times a day.

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