30 Facts About President Donald Trump That You Probably Didn’t Know


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16. Trump was given an Honorary Degree by the University of Scotland

16The University of Oakland granted Trump an honorary degree for his success as an entrepreneur and a businessman. However, in 2015, the University revoked the degree because Trump no longer symbolizes the University’s ethos and values.

17. He claims that he hasn’t changed since first-grade.

17Trump claimed in an interview that he hasn’t changed since first-grade. He said that his personality and temperament hasn’t changed. But this was alarming because Trump was reported to throw erasers at his teachers. He once gave his teacher a black-eye for suggesting that he knows nothing about music.


18. Sent to Military School for bad behavior

18During his teens, Trump got involved in troubles, and this prompted his parents to send him to a Military school in hopes of straightening him out.

19. He started a fight between Ivana Zelnickova and Marla Maples on the slopes in Aspen.

19Trump had an illicit affair with Marla Maples when he was married to Ivana Zelnickova. Ivana learned about this during a vacation with Trump in Aspen and decided to confront Marla. Trump said that it was great for business since Marla claimed that he’s the best sex she ever had.


20. Reports say that Trump doesn’t want black people counting his money.

20John O’Donnell stated in his book, “Trumped!” that Trump once went on a rant complaining about how he had black people as accountants. Trump later admitted that what O’Donnell said is probably right.

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