30 Facts About President Donald Trump That You Probably Didn’t Know


11. Trump has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

11The popularity of his show, “The Apprentice,” earned Trump his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The star was granted to him because of the contributions in the entertainment industry. Trump himself that making the show was an excellent experience.

12. Trump shaved WWE Owner Vince McMahon’s head

12Both Trump and McMahon selected wrestlers to represent them in the ring during the “Battle of the Billionaires.” They made a bet that the person whose representative lost would have his head shaved. Fortunately for Trump, his representative won the match.


13. Believes that his net worth changes along with his emotions

1313He has sued people for libel for what he believed were lies about his net worth, which is strange because it constantly changes and he sometimes has debts. He went on a stand once and stated that his net worth is affected by factors including “how he feels that day.”

14. He had billions of debts back in 1991

14Back in 1991, Trump had to divide up his wealth and assets to pay for the billions he owed from several different banks. They took his yacht, an airline express, several retail businesses, and the control of the Grand Hyatt in Manhattan.


15. He would have been a billionaire with his inheritance alone

15Trump inherited a vast amount of money from his father that he would have the same net worth if he had let his inheritance accumulate. This has become an indicator to many that he isn’t as good with money as he says he is.


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