30 Facts About President Donald Trump That You Probably Didn’t Know


The newly elected President has always been a topic of many controversies throughout his career even before his run for the presidency. A large part of these is from the days when he was still rising to success. One thing that’s intriguing about President Trump is that he is someone who is more than meet the eye. In this article we gathered 30 facts about President Donald Trump that you probably never knew:

1. Trump Vodka

1It has been common knowledge that President Trump avoids drinking alcohol, and it’s also no secret that he makes his money in creating his products. In 2006 he released Trump Vodka, but it soon failed in 2011.

2. Oversensitive about the size of his fingers

2An editor at Vanity Fair once called President Trump a “short-fingered vulgarian.” He reportedly sent photos of his fingers circled in gold sharpie to the editor at the said magazine because it bothered him. He also periodically sent tracings of his hand to prove the editor wrong.


3. Never used an ATM

3On an interview with Conan O’Brien on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” President Trump claimed that he never used an ATM before. It is most probably because he has people for menial stuff like that.

4. Trump Tower

4The company hired 200 Polish workers who were in the country illegally contracted to build the Trump Tower. They worked 12-hour shift for 4$-5$ an hour. The company was able to get away with this because the workers were undocumented.


5. Sued Bill Maher for saying that his father is a monkey

5Bill Maher once said that President Trump was a son of a monkey on his talk show. Maher then offered $5 million worth of prizes if Trump could prove that his father is a human being. Trump supplied his father’s birth certificate but Maher refused to give the money, and Trump then sued him for it.


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