25 Home Remedies Of Cellulite Removal and Reduction

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A dimple in the face is considered to be attractive, especially to women. But a dimpled skin, orange-peel or cottage-cheese-lump-like, is entirely a different thing.


1It’s exceptionally jump-pack with lycopene that helps to strengthen the skin collagen. Make a tomato paste and add lemon juice then rub it on the affected area for 15 minutes.

     2. ORANGE

2Vitamin C of oranges helps to hydrate the skin; making in more toned and bright—thus reduces the occurrence of cellulite. Make sure to drink fresh orange juice before breakfast.

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  1. LEMON

3The skin or juice of a lemon helps to lessen the appearance of dimpled skin. Either you apply the juice on the area or rub the peel on the surface.


4It is known for its healing properties against skin diseases. Just use an extract or gel of it on the area every day for best results.

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5Get your skin exfoliated and have an even skin tone with this. Combine ground coffee, sugar, and coconut oil to make a paste. Heat and rub on the area gently.

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