25 Hairstyles For Men That Women Love


There are different things that women look for in men. Many talks about the overall personality, including the manner a man carries himself. There are also those who get crazy over men who look great. That includes sporting the “right” haircut to complete their looks. When it comes to the best hairstyles, women find the most attractive, these 25 cuts prove to be among their favorites.

1. The slicked back cut.


This classic hairstyle is just perfect for any man. A woman sees a man wearing such a hairstyle as someone oozing with confidence and sophistication.


2. Messy bed-head hairstyle.2


This just-rolled-out of bed hairstyle makes a man looks boyishly sweet and, at the same time, manly. It has its natural charm to any woman who thinks that this man is both gentle, yet also firm.



3. The short and even cut.


This is a very casual and natural look that many women want to see in men. It reflects an attitude that though a man is genuinely concerned about how clean he looks, but does not give a damn if he does not look like a ten in it.


4. The front wave cut.



This stylish cut looks so fresh and turns women on. It gives that ravishingly polished look that may also be a little crazy when necessary, that makes women feel fun to be with.



5. The gentlemanly cut.



This nice and short side swept hair is perfect for those who would like to look more professional.



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