21 Most Effective Ways For Headache Reliever

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A headache is a common physical discomfort. For an immediate relief to this annoying pain, try one of these home remedies.


  1. Acupuncture.

1Pressing your fingers on vital points are said to help alleviate some physical discomforts, including headaches.

  1. Go nuts.

2For tension-type headaches, you need not go nuts. Instead, you can eat a handful of nuts to relieve yourself of a headache. Nuts are known to contain salicin, a natural pain reliever.

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  1. Try an apple cider vinegar steam.

3ACV has worked wonders for many, and it will help you relieve your headache too. Hold your face for about 5-10 minutes over a bowl half-filled with boiling water and 1/4 cup of ACV. The steam from the water mixed with ACV will eventually make you fill better.

  1. Take a breather once in a while.

4Working for hours, just staying in front of the computer and sitting for hours on end puts a lot of stress on your body. Taking your minds and your eyes off your work, stretching, and just relaxing for a while will loosen up your muscles and, to some extent, help relieve a headache.

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  1. Sometimes a headache is the body’s signal for its need to re-fuel.

5Take a quick snack to replenish your energy before going back to work.

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