20 Wrestling Stars Who Are Completely Unrecognizable Today


16. Nikolai Volkoff




Being one of the early men in the WWE, Nikolai Volkoff was at the peak of stardom and experienced several ups and downs in his career. After leaving the WWE, Volkoff looks so much older than he actually is- like a broken-old man with no trails of being a wrestler.

17. Bob Backlund




Bob Backlund was one of the most successful wrestlers in the WWE, but some problems occurred between him and the company in the mid-‘80s. He left and continued independently. Backlund now looks completely unrecognizable today, but still in decent shape.


18. Akeem



Akeem was famous as one of the ‘monsters’ in the WWE back in the ‘80s. He was once an intimidating giant with an enormous physique but seems to have lost that now. It looks like he has gone out of shape and has aged terribly.

19. Sika




Sika Anoa’i was part of the most ruthless tag teams before in The Wild Samoans. But after several unfortunate series of events, the team was disbanded- leaving Sika as a solo wrestler. After retiring from wrestling, the person who looked like a monster looks nothing like that anymore.


20. Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart




He was called ‘The Anvil’ because of his dangerously intimidating looks. His muscular physique and wild persona made him a major threat to all his opponents. After quitting in the ‘90s, Neidhart looks surprisingly old and frail now; losing his intimidating aura and growing overweight and tired.

Do you know any of these wrestling stars? What do you think of their transformation? Is this a result of normal aging or a result of an unhealthy lifestyle? Tell us in the comments below.


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