20 Wrestling Stars Who Are Completely Unrecognizable Today


11. Greg “The Hammer” Valentine




Despite being one of the underrated wrestlers back in the ‘80s, Greg Valentine was quite a hard-hitting professional wrestler. He was also among of the good-looking wrestlers back then but has lost his charming looks, as his body really deterred and he looks unrecognizable today.

12. Kamala




His unique gaming and intimidating looks made him a name in the industry. Kamala was known to be one of the most intimidating wrestlers in the WWE back in the ‘80s. Unfortunately, he’s not doing really well right now due to a health problem and being broke.


13. Jesse “The Body” Ventura




Jesse “The Body” Ventura might not be that popular back then, but he has actually brought in a lot of viewer with his entertaining commentary as a commentator in the WWE. But “The Body” seems to have lost his stature over the years and left him in a frail shape.

14. Don Muraco




Best known as the first “The Rock” of the WWE, he has gained so much success as he won the Intercontinental Championship twice during his first year in the company. He is known for his solid figure, but he now looks nothing like he did before.


15. Wendi Richter




One of the wrestling ‘Divas’ of the ‘80s, Wendi Richter was one of the top women wrestlers in the WWE- winning the Women’s Championship twice. Now, the stunning diva doesn’t look anything like that, as her figure deteriorated badly after leaving the industry.


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