20 Wrestling Stars Who Are Completely Unrecognizable Today


6. Tito Santana




Tito Santana has been an inspiration to many with his success in the WWE. He had an amazing start and had won the International Championship. Unfortunately, as he left the WWE; the muscular, well-built man has become unrecognizable like an old man who hasn’t even taken care of his figure.

7. Harley Race




It took Harley Race a decade to establish his name as an independent wrestler during the ‘80s. All were going well until he suffered a horrible injury from his feud with Hogan which ended his career at the WWE. He also lost the iconic look he had before.


8. Tully Blanchard




Tully Blanchard was part of the popular “Four Horsemen” in the ‘80s, as he won many championships before making it to the WWE. Blanchard had quite a good figure way back, but he aged terribly that he looks nothing like the handsome man he was back in the game.

9. Terry Funk




He was a Hardcore Legend for the WWE in the ‘80s, where he still looked good. While Funk continued to wrestle, his figure has been affected badly over the years as he looked like a broken man with all the bruises his career has caused him.


10. Paul Orndorff




Also known as “Mr.Wonderful,” Paul Orndorff was once a charismatic man in the industry, as he had been treated fairly well with the skills and the looks he had. Despite being Mr.Wonderful, his looks deteriorated over the years like an old-frail man.


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