20 Ordinary People From Around The Globe Who Have Won The Records Of Having The Biggest And Longest Body Parts


11.) Radhakant Bajpai Is The Man From India Who Won The Longest Hairs In Ears

11This guy is holding the Guinness World Record for having the longest ear hairs. His ear hairs measure up to 7.12 inches which he is truly proud of. That is a very unusual success for him.

12.) Valery Smagliy Is The Guy From Ukraine Who Is The Owner Of The Longest Pair Of Eyelashes In The World

12When I say eyelashes, I mean the real thing. This man must be so proud for growing incredibly long eyelashes. He beats even the famous celebrities and supermodels! His pairs are 2.75 inches sleek!


13.) Kalawelo Kaiwi Is The Man From Hawaii, United States Of America Who Has The Biggest Earlobes In The World

13This guy has achieved something big. No, really, it is so big it can fit a whole fist! Kalawelo Kaiwi’s earlobes made the record for the largest flesh tunnel for having 4.13 inches size.

14.) Vivian Wheeler Is The Woman From Bakersfield, California In The United States Of America With The Longest Female Beard

14This woman has a rather sad story. She is known as the “Bearded Lady,” and although she holds the longest beard for women, which she learned to be proud of, as a kid she was sold to a circus.


15.) Lui Hua Is The Man From China Who Holds The Record For The Biggest Hand

15His left thumb is 10.2 inches big and his index finger about 12 inches. And it took several doctors and seven hours to perform surgery to somehow reduce the size of his hand.


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