20 Popular Athletes Who Shockingly Lost All Their Riches


16. Antoine Walker



Antoine Walker shared his sad story with CNN Money. It was a decade ago when Walker filed for bankruptcy- just two years after his retirement from the NBA. All thanks to failed investments in real estate and his penchant for cars, that he was able to realize his loss.

17. Lenny Dykstra


Drug addiction, sex, steroids are just some of the few starting points to the former Major League Baseball center fielder’s failure. It all got worse when he was arrested for grand theft auto, federal bankruptcy fraud, few incident exposures, and possession of narcotic in 2011. He went to jail afterwards.


18. Sheryl Swoopes


She was once among the most skilled players in the WNBA, and she earned $90,000 per season which came mostly from her stints in international leagues and several endorsement projects. Unfortunately, Swoopes declared bankruptcy in 2004 after losing millions of dollars due to wealth mismanagement.

19. Darren Mccarty


Darren McCarty was a hockey player known to be as tough as nails whenever he plays his game. Unfortunately, his addiction got his head. He was both hooked on drugs and gambling without noticing all his money going to waste. He filed for bankruptcy afterwards.


20. George Best


Many people say: Health is wealth. The former soccer player was also a victim of a lavish lifestyle. Earning over $100 million, George Best never let anyone slow him down when it comes to alcohol which led to his demise due to lung infection and several organ failures.

It’s good to learn from other’s experiences, but it’s better to learn from the ones who had it all. Share your thoughts and comments below!


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