20 Popular Athletes Who Shockingly Lost All Their Riches


11. Vin Baker


The former NBA All-star player Vin Baker was, unfortunately, an addict. He has been a complete bastard being drunk all the time and lying to the doctors just to keep his unhealthy lifestyle going. His failed investments and lending money to wrong people led to his bankruptcy.

12. Debi Thomas


Debi Thomas was one of the most popular figure skaters in the US. After retiring, unfortunate events in her life started occurring and became completely broke. It was reported that Thomas went to the police, saying she planned on hurting herself with a gun which led to a bipolar diagnosis.


13. Kenny Anderson


His luxurious lifestyle, including several mansions, eleven cars, and eight kids from three different women, took a heavy toll on his wallet. The NBA star who earned more than $60 million in his career, left the NBA and filed for bankruptcy in the year 2005.

14. Vince Young


The former football star Vince Young’s failure rooted from a bad attitude. It has been said that he had several clashes with his coaches and colleagues. A suicide threat and a DUI turned him into the tabloid, and a lifetime of neglecting his finance resulted in his bankruptcy years ago.


15. Bernie Kosar



Bernie Kosar has earned millions over the course of his career. Kosar who seemed to be a great businessman when he first retired from football, filed for bankruptcy in 2009. It was all due to a failed marriage, failed investments, and the willingness to lend money to the wrong people.


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