20 Photos That Will Make Your Day Better


16. The Sliding Door Company




We couldn’t think of anything more hilarious than a contradicting sign; especially if the firm is contradicting themselves. It’s funny how they’re selling sliding doors but actually forgot to make what they’re selling for themselves. We wonder how many people literally raised their brows on this.

17. It’s A Trap!




This photo will always remind you to always live life to the fullest, no matter what struggles you’re dealing with. This photo may not be a cracker, but it’s definitely something to add a smile on your face; especially when you’re going through something. Cheer up! 


18. GoofyGoofy!




We knew it! We’ve always had a bad feeling about this guy. This photo of Goofy and Minnie Mouse being sneaky behind our beloved Mickey Mouse’s back is really something to ruin our childhood a lot. We wonder what Mickey has to say about this photo scandal.

19. What Is This?




If this photo didn’t crack you up, then we don’t know what else will! This woman actually slept in the perfect area. What makes this photo more hilarious is its caption. Jesus is like: “What happened to her?!” Don’t worry, Jesus still loves you!


20. The Perfect Watch Trade




This sign is pretty common and can be seen everywhere. This photo isn’t even something that can make you instantly laugh, but this person decided to interpret the sign literally and jokingly. It will probably change the way you see this sign from now on.

There are tons of reasons to be happy! Share your thoughts and comments below!


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