20 Photos That Will Make Your Day Better


11. The Amphibious Pitcher




There’s nothing more hilarious than a typo making it through several editors at a well-known publication. Especially when it’s calling an athlete amphibious. They sure are talented athletes, but there’s no athlete gifted enough to live on both land and water. Someone definitely got fired after this mishap.

12. Selfie Angle




Many of us are guilty of consistently relying on our good selfie angles. Though it might not be as much of a difference as this poor owl, but there are definitely lots of people who choose to do the same pose over and over because they think it looks good


13. Compatibility Issues




We’re not pretty sure if every woman out there who is a huge fan of zodiac signs and horoscopes can be guilty of this. We mean, how else are they going to know everything about a guy before actually dating him when don’t know if they’re compatible or not?

14. The Famous Pirate Slide




What better way could we possibly come up to celebrate the birth of a child than going to a pirate-themed slide that actually recreates the sight of giving birth itself? It’s like actually hitting two birds with one stone, extreme entertainment for the kids and adults. 


15. For Your Eyes Only




Implementing rules for people or making warning signs are indeed a right way of ensuring that everyone and everything is fine. But every once in a while, people love to have some fun with these signs. Some even took these signs literally to a whole new level. 


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