20 Photos That Will Make Your Day Better


6. The History Teacher




What better way could you think of to get your grades back up than to pretend that you’re interested about that “funny” story of your teacher’s history she has already told everyone about a million times already just because you’re failing and you badly needed to pass?

7. The Good Samaritan




Every parent believes that it’s important to teach their kids good morals. But it isn’t as important as when your kid finds $2,000 around that he could’ve let you decide what to do with it instead of going to the police. This picture is fantastic, but $2,000 would’ve been better.


8. The Aspiring Dog Lover




The unfortunate truth is that even though dogs are loveable and we put on a smile while they’re showering us with kisses, in which all of us were secretly hoping inside that they stop. No matter how many dental bones you throw, nothing can be as tasty as human cheek.

9. Help Me; I’m Poor!




We assume everyone has heard about or experienced the struggle that is actually affording a decent wedding nowadays. The wedding industry records over $60 billion yearly in the US, and as we say this, some poor bride is probably sobbing over the fact that she couldn’t even afford a ring.


10. The Scariest Halloween Pumpkin




We couldn’t think of any better way to get into the Halloween vibes than to create the scariest millennial pumpkin all of us could ever think of. Older generations may not relate to this, but we, the millennials all know the fear is real.


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