20 Familiar Foods We Eat Every Day That Is Surprisingly Deadly Ever


Take into consideration the food you put in your mouth. There are foods that we love and eat every day but contains poison. Here are 20 surprising poisonous foods.

1.) Castor Beans

20Ricin is a neurotoxin, and lethal even in the tiniest dose. Surprisingly, it can be found in the innocent castor beans. Be very cautious when using this. Castor oil can aid colds, but raw beans are dangerous.

2.) Oysters

19Cooked or raw oysters are delicious and enjoyed by many people. Generally, they are healthy consisting essential vitamins and minerals. But it can also be very toxic as it contains vibrio Vilnius’s bacteria.


3.) Brazil Nuts

18Aside from its taste that makes people go nuts, Brazil nuts have a lot of nutrients and other healthy properties. But according to studies, it is a thousand more radioactive than other foods.

4.) Cherry Seeds

17Like other seeds, cherry seeds have a trace of cyanide. It also consists of amygdalin, a substance which can be very toxic and result in extreme illness or difficulty in breathing.


5.) Pufferfish

16This is a popular ingredient in Japanese cuisine. But it has a deadly toxin called tetrodotoxin and cyanide that has killed 30 people.


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