18 Most Frequently Applied Cold Sores Treatment And Remedies At Home


11. Hand Washing

11Wash your hands frequently and appropriately, especially after touching cold sores.

12. Suncreen Lotion.

12Use sunscreen whenever you go out to avoid further dryness to your skin and sores.


13. Pure Vanilla Extract

13Dab pure vanilla extract on your lips. Vanilla extra is a natural cold sore remedy.

14. Change your toothbrush.

14 Your toothbrush is a perfect agent that can carry the virus. Using the same toothbrush, before and after the blister, may just result in more blisters re-appearing on your skin.



15. Herpes Simplex Virus

15The herpes simplex virus cause cold sores to build up on your lips and thrive beneath the skin. Applying peppermint oil directly on the source of the cold sores will cause the blisters to heal faster.



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