17 Warning Signs You Need Water ASAP

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Water is a liquid that can refresh and satisfy our body. But, despite that fact, many of us don’t drink enough water every day. If you are experiencing these 17 signs, you need to go and grab yourself a bottle of water.


1.) Being Overly Thirsty


1This is the most visible sign that tells your system is in need of H20. Instead of going for alcohol or coffee, drink a glass of water to quench your thirst.

2.) Your Eyes Are Dry


2Lack of water in the body also causes dry eyes. That means, your eyes cannot produce tears and can be very itchy. Sometimes it results in infection or scarring.

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3.) You Feel Lethargic And Fatigued


3When a person does not have enough water in the body, the system gets it from the blood to somehow prevent dehydration. It then causes lack of oxygen which brings a feeling of fatigue.

4.) You Are Experiencing Joint Pains


4The spinal discs and cartilage are made up of mostly water. When a person lacks water, the bones will not be kept from grinding against each other, hence, produce joint pains.

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5.) You Are Experiencing Digestive Problems


5Not enough H20 prevents the membranes to function. Without proper hydration, the entire digestive system will be affected, and the acids in the stomach will strengthen.

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