13 Best and Easy Treatment For Insomnia


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6. Take calcium and magnesium supplements.

6Having adequate calcium and magnesium supplements in your daily diet are necessary to help you have a good night sleep.

7. Use GABA to help improve sleep quality.

7Gamma-aminobutyric acid or GABA is an inhibitory neurotransmitter that has a relaxing effect on the brain and body. Almonds, banana, beef liver, brown rice, oats, oranges, rice bran, spinach, walnuts, and more.


8. Apply Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

8Change thoughts or feelings that will trigger depression and stress, and which will allow you to beat insomnia.

9. Establish a bedtime ritual.

9Introduce regular habits before sleeping like taking a quick warm bath, reading or listening to music, which will relax your mind and prepare your body to sleep.


10. Work out in the morning.

10Studies show that exercising in the morning lessens stress inducing hormones, which will allow you to be ready to sleep when you need it in the evening.

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