13 Best and Easy Treatment For Insomnia


It’s the wee hours of the morning, and you still find it difficult to sleep? Have you tried all possible ways you can think of to get that needed rest? Here are 13 effective sleeping aids you can do.

1. A Glass of Milk and Honey.

1Have a glass of milk and honey for some sweet moments in your bed. Milk contains sleep-inducing amino acid tryptophan, while honey helps transmit the hormone enhanced by the amino acid tryptophan to the brain faster, thus helping you sleep better.

2. Set your bedroom as your sleeping room.

2Make sure that there are no distractions within sight, such as a television, or a laptop or any device that will keep your mind awake. If you want to have some rest, you need to take your mind off of the things that will steal sleep away.


3. Schedule for Sleeping and Waking.

3Establish a schedule for sleeping and waking. Retiring and getting up the same time you did the other day will eventually set your body clock to a rest-and-wake pattern. You can set an alarm clock to help you do this for the first few days until your body gets used to it.

4. Foods that Calm Nerves.

4Eat food that will calm your nerves an hour before you go to sleep. Munching a few cherries or a banana will help relax your body and allow you to fall asleep faster.


5. Have white noise in the background.

5White noise is a steady sound that you may hear from a fan, air conditioning unit, and so on. This noise will mask abrupt inconsistencies in all other surrounding sounds that you hear.


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