12 Proven Natural Ways For Anxiety Relief

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Take control of your emotions and beat stress away. Here are proven to be effective treatments for anxiety. There is no need to wring your doctor for a prescription; these are all natural.

1. Take some deep breaths.



This is the easiest and the first thing you need to do to cast your fears away and re-focus your mind. This is a yoga technique that reduces stress and anxiety.

2. Listen to your body.



The prime reason why you tend to get anxious is that we may be hungry or tired or did not get enough sleep. The next time you feel jittery, and a little stressed out, fulfill the need of your body–whether it be food or rest.

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3. Change your mindset.


Most of the times, you get anxious when you think of all the probable ways that your expectations will not be met. Will worrying ever change a circumstance or will it ever make what you wish for to happen? Just take action, but do not focus on catastrophic thinking.

4. Exercise to feel better.


Exercising will not only make you feel a lot better but healthier. It is a very potent antidote to anxiety and stress.

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5. Relax your senses.



Lavender is one of the few essential oils that you can be applied directly to your skin. You may also inhale the vapor from a cup of boiling water mixed with a few drops of lavender. This is an easy calm-me-down method you can do any time.

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